birthday haul pt.1

Another year, another birthday, another awesome opportunity to reap mountains of frog things! I’m really blessed to have great friends who know how much I adore frogs.

frog card

frog card (inside)
The most adorable birthday card ever – from Daiso. I found this a few weeks before my birthday and had to have it. But it’s weird to give a birthday card to yourself so I gave it to my boyfriend to give to me. Loophole found!

frog keychain
From my good friend Ease, a colourful tree frog keychain.

frog keychain (lit up)
It glows and makes a croaking noise!

frog earrings

frog earrings (close)
She also gave me some hanging frog earrings. Need to mod them a bit for my hole-less earlobes, though.

frog crystal keychain
From Ynot’s girl Sally, she made me this fantastic crystal froggy. It has a flower bib because it’s a messy eater.


frog ring

frog ring
One of my favourite rings of all time…

the latest in daiso frog goods

So of course Daiso keeps churning out those frog themed items that make me want to spend money unnecessarily. Luckily I’m getting better at resisting and just settled on taking photos for the blog.

Happy bath ball
Frog bath ball that apparently smells of soda!

Bath Gel Frog
Bath gel with a lime scent. I’m not entirely sure how it comes out of the frog though.

Frog cigarette tray
A cute cigarette tray for the smokers. Nothing like dumping ashes all over someone’s face!

I have a lot of frog stuff

Yet another summary post that underscores just how much frog stuff I have accumulated over the year(s).

frog piggy bank
My dear friend Monkey gave me this adorable frog coin bank out of the blue one day, and I’ve been storing my toonies in it (because toonies are precious and should not be spent idly).

frog pals
Another out-of-the-blue gift from my friend Bun, who just knows how much I love frogs and bestowed this happy-go-lucky couple upon me. I think they’re bathtub-ready.

bean frog
An overseas frog from the far shores of Europe (exact country unknown) – my parents picked this up for me once they FINALLY realized my obsession with frogs. It’s a stress ball, and it seems to work really well, because I haven’t felt stressed out for a long time now.

Kiss me! frog chocolates

Kiss me chocolates

Mmmm…frogs and chocolate, could there be a better combination? These adorable chocolates from Hagensborg look great and probably taste pretty great, too. A belated Christmas gift from my bestie Crystal.

frog cup

frog cup

frog cup 2

Finally, I have a frog cup! I’ve been searching for a cute frog cup that I can use daily, and I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift from my dear friend Jood! She also gave me the Frog Prince capsule, but I have to say this gift is a couple hundred times better. Thanks Jood, I forgive you for eating Pants now.


Meet Pants!!

Pants Portrait

(Taken by guest photographer Ryan Wong)

He may appear to be a deranged looking creature, but he is a loveable and integral part of our workplace. Pants is a frog given to me as a gift from Penguin.

Some wonderful background info on Pants:
+ Pants’ hometown is IKEA, the most awesome furniture store on the planet.
+ Pants’ full name is No Pants, which originates from the first words he’s ever uttered to a mouse wearing a short dress: “You have NO PANTS!”
+ Pants’ original outfit was a blue shirt with fairy wings, and those lovely checkered green pants above. The striped blue swimsuit is an item he traded with Nudie near the beginning of the year.
+ Pants is engaged to Monkey, who popped the question one winter afternoon.
+ Pants is a self-proclaimed alcoholic and party animal, but he only does it when no one is around to see him.
+ Pants is our secretary and general assistant, and has his own desk made out of Gilmore Girls DVD boxes and a personal computer from BCIT.

Pants and the gang
Pants and the Frog Gang.

Pants pretending to be a frog
Pants preparing for Halloween.

If you still haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Pants, you are totally missing out. His address is 114 Convergence Room @ Great Northern Way Campus, but he’ll only be here for another month or so. You can book an appointment to meet him at