Here are some more frog things I received for my birthday.

Frog bottle
A super cute bottle for the inner child in me! It has a strap and everything so I can carry it and not lose it. From Ynot! He also gave me the best mouse pad ever – KERORI! Unfortunately no photos of it because it’s been heavily (ab)used since I’ve received it.

Algy and Lily
Quite possibly the funniest frog figurines I’ve ever seen…from my friend Monkey who is a huge fan of Calico Critters, and I can see why. They’re adorable!

The best part of this gift was the image on the back of the package:
Algy and Lily Photoshoot
They look so hostile! As if they’re saying, “Why are you taking photos of us?!?” Love it. The photographer sure knew what s/he was doing.