frog invasion at daiso

My last visit to Daiso was exciting due to the invasion of frog products. Frogs seem to be a popular animal in Japan.

leaping frog bowl

frog peek-a-boo bowl

frog fan

frog cup with lid

Land of animals frog cup

frog and clovers and hearts cup

And at a nearby store, I saw this in the display at the front. Lord, why do you tempt me?
frog classic pop bottle

Momiji Doll: Phoebe

Momiji Doll Phoebe
A few months ago, a Deviantart artist talked about being on the design team for the Momiji message dolls. She had designed a series of little dolls being in a book club, and I was really happy that she created one girl with a frog hat. So when I finally saw it in stores, I had to pick one up…but not for me! My best friend is a collector of of Momiji dolls and I’ve just gotten into the habit of giving her one every year for her birthday. Although she’s not a frog fan, maybe it’ll remind her of me.

Momiji Doll Phoebe 2

The box is really creative this time, with a magnetic flap.

Momiji Doll Phoebe 3

frog notebook

Frog notebook

An absolutely adorable frog notebook from my best friend Crystal. Best gift on a budget! The black ribbon is a really nice touch and makes it even more useful.

Frog notebook (angle)

felted frog

frog felt doll

A felted frog hanging ornament from Monkey! Its limbs are poseable and I didn’t realize its eyes looked that deranged until I took these photos. Only adds to its charm, though.

Frog felt doll (posing)

You can totally look up the dress, too. If, you know, someone wanted to.

wooden frog toy

frog noise maker

This little toy came with a box of candies in the usual style of Japanese candy products. The frog was one of the random toys you could get, and I was lucky enough to get the frog!! It makes a frog-like noise when you run the wooden disc across the grooves in the frog.

frogs in seattle!

I went to Seattle last week and had a blast relaxing and shopping and eating lots of Panda Express. I also spotted a lot of really awesome frog items while there.

mini norbs!
Check it out! It’s a mini version of my frog plush Norbert.

frog shoes
Frog baby shoes (lucky babies, get all the good stuff) in Fireworks.

frog coin bank
A really well-made and detailed coin bank, also in Fireworks.

frog cellphone holder
A cellphone holder from a Japanese goods store Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle.

frog bath accesorries
Some adorable frog bath accessories!

frog bib
More cute items for kids…a frog bib and little outfit set at Walmart.

fishing frog
There was a really nice display in the front of the restaurant Miyabi with a fishing frog. Good food, too, but this isn’t a food blog so go somewhere else for a full review.

Vacations are nice for taking some time off, but even better for discovering new frog things. I’ll take a Frog-cation any day! (okay, agreed – that was lame.)

frog birthday haul pt. 2

Here are some more frog things I received for my birthday.

Frog bottle
A super cute bottle for the inner child in me! It has a strap and everything so I can carry it and not lose it. From Ynot! He also gave me the best mouse pad ever – KERORI! Unfortunately no photos of it because it’s been heavily (ab)used since I’ve received it.

Algy and Lily
Quite possibly the funniest frog figurines I’ve ever seen…from my friend Monkey who is a huge fan of Calico Critters, and I can see why. They’re adorable!

The best part of this gift was the image on the back of the package:
Algy and Lily Photoshoot
They look so hostile! As if they’re saying, “Why are you taking photos of us?!?” Love it. The photographer sure knew what s/he was doing.

birthday haul pt.1

Another year, another birthday, another awesome opportunity to reap mountains of frog things! I’m really blessed to have great friends who know how much I adore frogs.

frog card

frog card (inside)
The most adorable birthday card ever – from Daiso. I found this a few weeks before my birthday and had to have it. But it’s weird to give a birthday card to yourself so I gave it to my boyfriend to give to me. Loophole found!

frog keychain
From my good friend Ease, a colourful tree frog keychain.

frog keychain (lit up)
It glows and makes a croaking noise!

frog earrings

frog earrings (close)
She also gave me some hanging frog earrings. Need to mod them a bit for my hole-less earlobes, though.

frog crystal keychain
From Ynot’s girl Sally, she made me this fantastic crystal froggy. It has a flower bib because it’s a messy eater.

frog ring

frog ring
One of my favourite rings of all time…

the latest in daiso frog goods

So of course Daiso keeps churning out those frog themed items that make me want to spend money unnecessarily. Luckily I’m getting better at resisting and just settled on taking photos for the blog.

Happy bath ball
Frog bath ball that apparently smells of soda!

Bath Gel Frog
Bath gel with a lime scent. I’m not entirely sure how it comes out of the frog though.

Frog cigarette tray
A cute cigarette tray for the smokers. Nothing like dumping ashes all over someone’s face!